€ 15.500,-
Gris Rosé
69.000 km

The 2cv van was first simply built on the slightly shortened chassis of a 2cv, so the load capacity was not great. With the introduction of the Ami 6, a sturdier chassis with a more powerful engine became available. An ideal basis for a larger van. The AK was born.

It was given a payload of 350 kg and was therefore soon called AK 350. The cargo bed was a lot longer than that of the AZU, its little brother. Because of the larger engine you could finally overtake a truck. The higher AKS or 400 was later developed from this model.

The first models had the 602cc engine of the Ami 6, the later ones had an engine similar to that in the 2cv6. This one has such a more modern engine, with 12V electrical installation and large drum brakes to stop the AK and the wine barrels in the back.

But other loads are also allowed. For your company, your holiday plans, hobby rides, etc. For all these purposes, we ensure that it runs smoothly and reliably. We have already started fitting a new set of Michelin tires, because they drive best.

This AK came to the Netherlands in 2010, picked up in France by a colleague, who repaired it technically and constructively. New floor panels were welded in, new brakes installed and the rest received a major overhaul. The chassis was still fine. The body too, with the necessary traces of its working life here and there. It always drove reliably and was used as a promotional mobile for a restaurant for a while.

We’re curious what kind of plans you will realise with this nice AK!