€ 12.950
Beige Ivoire Borely
51000 km

AK 400

A couple of years of my childhood were spent driving along in the rear of an AK 400, the nicely swinging and only vehicle of our family from ’78 to ’81. Orange, pretty crunchy and with self-made rear seats. The seed of Citro-enthusiasm was planted.

Understandably, I always get happy when a beautiful truckette is in sight. And this is a beautiful one! Born and raised in Spain, delivered in ’77 to its first owner, still present on the doors, by dealer Quiles from Villena, Alicante.

Fransisco was and is a small-scale farmer, but he made sure to have enough space in his barn for his 2-cilinder mule. It was used to pick up small business necessities and seeing its very original state, it was deeply cherished too. Of course, it does have some dents and a few damaged spots had some paint applied. Rust is very hard to find, authenticity is not.

While driving, you can feel that its 51.000kms were not driven over rocky roads and that the local garage for once really gave that TLC. The lack of speed and presence of sound, positively valued, make it easy to imagine yourself decades back in time. The radio does not know the modern FM: just as basic as the car itself, one that does not pretend to be more than a 2cv with an extension. In  this case, the most spacious one.

As the farmer retired, he let the AK go, which was not free of sentiments. Now it’s here, ready for a nice new future that could be in your hands.