€ 5.000,-
97.000 km

AK 400

This car was built in the Spanish factory in ’77 and then moved to Ibiza. Needless to say it suffered some damage, but not all too much. Apparently it lived a pretty relaxed working life, seeing the mileage is relatively low for its age.

Of course, some parts are of lesser quality: it would be good to replace the bottom plates and footwell. On the other hand, other parts such as the rear inner fenders and rear beam are in really good condition, which nowadays you don’t see very often – and these are parts that are usually a lot of work to replace or fix in a restoration.

That was exactly what we liked about this truckette: you can take it in whatever direction you desire. Just doing the bare minimum and leaving it like the artwork it already is – just put on your hippie dress and take some friends on a drive. Or use it as a solid basis for a restoration, which of course, we could also do for you.

The price is based on its current state. It does drive and brake and we also arranged Dutch license plates for it.