€ 17.500,-
Bleu Nevé
95.000 km

AK 350

You work on a farm and make cheese as well, you live a little further in the village. Then you need appropriate transport. Your village is near Brive, in a fairly poor and hilly region, road maintenance is not the top priority there. So you choose a means of transport that helps you through everything and also offers space to take something with you.

A 2cv Van is ideal for this. Beautiful smooth suspension, a spacious cargo box and technology that can take a beating. And to integrate a bit of luxury, the AK 350 was chosen. This has a slightly longer body and more payload than the standard AZU and also a stronger 602cc engine, just like the AMI 6.

Until 2012 it remained with the first owner. The wear did not really come from the kilometers, because it is still in its first 5 digits. It had, however, gotten somewhat rusty here and there, which had been repaired quite “period correct”.

It came to the Netherlands and was improved step by step by his two successive owners. It got new parts in the floors and construction, after which those parts were sprayed matted, so that the used and weathered look was not affected too much.

Because it was regularly used and the whole family had to be able to coma along, a suitable rear seat was installed that was available as an accessory at the time. The children can now seated (with safety belt), but you also have the bench out again in no time for some other load.

The technique was also significantly modified. New brakes, a partial overhaul of the engine, a complete overhaul of the gearbox. Everything with an eye for originality and reliability.

And with that, this has become exactly the car you should want; a unique model, nice and classic with the details from the 60s, suitable for use in contemporary traffic, “straight-out-of-the-French-barn-look”, but above all a car that enthusiasts have paid a lot of attention to, to make it a great driver.