€ 8.250,-
Bleu Camargue
(1)19.000 km


One lives near Paris and wants to go to ones vegetable garden regularly. Convenient transport is welcome. In the Netherlands, a bicycle with panniers is practical enough, but we usually only have small gardens.

The owner of this van needed more transport space and wanted to be automobile. The Acadiane was a nicely fitting and affordable means of transport.

In the 35 years it served, it did get some signs of wear, but was further treated nicely, it slept indoors every night. Except for one night, when the son visited his mother’s garden, after her death. He did not use it further and decided to sell the car.

Unfortunately, there were no documents with the car that tell its (maintenance) history. The meter is at 19,000 km, which may indicate 119,000 km, but the car doesn’t feel that way. It feels very tight and hardly technically worn. It would also confirm the story of the son, who said that the rides were always short, not daily and seasonal. We’re not sure…

An appreciated colleague found the car and took it to the Netherlands. Here the Aca was used for little jobs around the house. But the owner missed an open roof, so a 2cv was purchased. What job do you have available for this fine car?