€ 7.950,-
Bleu Lagune
62.000 km


This Acadiane must have been used by an upholsterer, sliding the rolls of soft and stylish carpet in. The right-hand seat is foldable, an accessory that was often chosen in Acadianes. A tubular frame ensures the load does not roll on your lap.

He or she may also have had a completely different profession – for private use you do wouldn’t have taken this option – and that the load was always soft,  as the wheel arches and load floor are still in very good condition.

On the exterior you can see it has had a live, some spots have been painted. It only gives it more charm, like used work shoes are cooler than unused ones. The technical parts are in perfect condition, it runs great and has been serviced.

The floorboards and pedalbox have been renewed to match the excellent chassis.

Put your logo on it, camp with it, move your sister, art collection or racing bike. Possibilities are endless.