€ 11.500
Rouge Vallelunga
45.000 km

2cv6 Spécial

Back in 2002 it has been in our showroom for a while, with around 30.000km.

We found it in the Ardêche, we found a lot of pristine 2cv’s in the south of France back then. In the mean while the French got to like them as well, it’s getting more difficult to find nice ones, but we still often do.

The new owners used it for a while here in Holland and then took it with them to Spain. It really enjoyed the sun, from which the still original paint suffered somewhat. But on the other hand it kept the original chassis and floors in perfect condition. It’s got some marks of use here and there, but also still just 45.000km on the clock.

Lately they used the car less and less, so they contacted us if it was OK to have it in our showroom again: of course!