2cv6 Spécial

€ 16.500,-
Blanc Meije
44.000 km

In 2003 this 2cv6 Spécial came to our country, from Germany. Quite unusual, because mainly the more luxurious Club was sold there. At the time, it had only driven 33,000 km and had a whole life ahead of it.

The owners enjoyed it, but not in great mileage. In the past 19 years, the odometer has only added 11,000 km.

The car was maintained by us for a large part of that period. Every time a fresh MOT and oil and the advice to enjoy it more… A few years ago the chassis was replaced by a galvanized one and we also replaced the floors and interior. The roof and bumpers were recently changed.

But now that it looks so beautiful and solid, it needs to be on the road. The owner didn’t find the time for that, so it’s up to you to let the counter pass 50,000.

With a new MOT, a good polishing and a full tank of petrol, we’ll make sure it’s ready!