€ 14.750,-
Rouge Vallelunga
90.000 km

2cv6 Spécial

In 2004 we found you in France, with a relatively low mileage. You drove around in our neighborhood for years, you were fully enjoyed. Of course some parts of you got some wear, so we did a make over when you came back to us about 8 years ago.

Then you ended up in Noord Holland again, with a lady this time. You were cherished, you were stored inside and everything seemed to be full of happiness. Until your parking lot expired and your owner couldn’t think of putting you in the rain.

Then we sold you two more times, to the east of the country, and now you’re back; unfortunately for the same reason. But that is also beautiful. Your owners apparently wish you a long and beautiful life, which they couldn’t offer you at the moment.

So we are looking for a caring new owner for this beauty. Ready to hit the road, shining in the sun, to experience beautiful adventures together.

And if the roof over your head is a problem, then we should start working on that 2cv hotel that we have been thinking about for a while…