€ 15.950,-
Bleu Celeste
54.000 km

2cv6 Spécial

A car turns into a treat for us when it comes with loads of paperwork, from which we can deduce its past. This 2CV came with everything we hoped for. The bon de commande shows that on June 5th, 1987, Miss Lepetit from Limoges had walked into Garage Central, the local dealership. On her 62th, she had treated herself to a lavender blue 2CV. She chose a 2CV Spécial, but with more luxurious seats and cloth upholstery. They agree on delivery in July at a price of 39503,- French Francs; no car was traded in on the deal. 

The administrative machine starts running, soon followed by the production. A week later, on June 12th, the 2CV is produced in the Levallois factory near Paris. It is put on Miss Lepetit’s name on July 6th. She keeps track of everything. The mileage is carefully written down each year, calculating how much distance she and her 2CV have covered. Four to five thousand kilometers a year at the beginning, which drops to one to two thousand a year later on.

The 2CV’s maintenance is being handled by the dealership at first, yet later on this task is overtaken by local garages, or even the Renault garage just around the corner. Oil changes occasionally take place on the road, as some gas stations still delivered this service at the time. In 1992, the handbrake pads are changed in Le Dorat, a place up north. Perhaps they stopped working during a fun ride or family visit. The most commonly changed part turns out to be the exhaust; apparently the 2CV only covered short distances each time, causing moisture to remain in the silencers.

In 2010, Miss Lepetit reached age 85 and said goodbye to her 2CV. We bought it through an intermediary and unfortunately never had the pleasure to meet her. By then, the 2CV had covered 44.000 km and was in pristine condition.

It was sold to a client in The Hague, where it was maintained locally. Again, all bills and MOT reports were kept. The most recently changed parts include a roof and two Michelin tires. Now, it’s back with us and we are looking for a new loving owner, preferably with an interest in documenting!