Bleu Celeste
1800 km

2cv6 Spécial

The family we bought this beauty from had been driving Citroën for a long time. Traction Coupé, DS, 2cv and several other types had come by. When the news came the 2cv would go out of production in ’90, they immediately ordered this one.

At June 17th ‘90 it was produced and at August 16th it was delivered by garage Montereau in the village with the same name. A 2cv6 Spécial in its simplest form, with Jeans-seats and in the nostalgic colour Bleu Céleste.

All family members drove it regularly, in February ’91 it got its first service at 1522km. After that the father of the family suddenly felt he was wearing the car out and it would thus be gone in a few years. He decided he’d rather keep it for later. On the farm they had a lot of barns around the court, so the 2cv was stored dry, under a blanket. Once in a while it was taken out, just to keep it in a good condition.

Apart from the settling dust, in ’99 it encountered something else as well. In a fierce storm a window got blown out and the glass made a small damage on the left front wing. Of course this can be fixed, but as it can only be in its first paint once, we leave this irreversible decision up to the next owner. We just see ourselves as a temporary guardian.

It cost us quite some time and effort to have the son of the first owner part from it, he hesitated between preserving it or just use it. In the end he chose the second option, but in another 2cv with some more wear so he wouldn’t feel troubled if he kept his boots on while driving. He rather saw this blue car being cherished. It is up to you whether you feel like taking on this task and how to execute it.