€ 19.500,-
Jaune Mimosa
100.000 km

2cv6 Spécial

Walking in my hometown Alkmaar as a little boy, I often met a bright yellow 2cv, the sight of it instantly made me happy. I must have been about 9 years old, because the car was almost new and the colour was introduced in ’79. For some cars you log a specific colour in your mind, that belongs with that model. For the 2cv it is Jaune Mimosa, AC 333 for me.

That’s why I always get happy when I find one, which doesn’t happen often as there are not many left. This yellow 2cv was found by a friend in a garden in the north of Holland. Almost completely taken apart, severly rusted and already unregistered for dismantling. What most people would call a hopeless wreck

But hey, when you love the colour you just put in extra effort to bring it back to life again. The RDW coöperated to get the original Dutch registration valid again. Before dismantling the rest of the car, we tried to get the engine running. Within 20 minutes it did and did great! An extra encouragement for the resurrection of the car.

We couldn’t find much about its history, not even the kilometers it did as the meter was gone. So, for its new life, we put it at 100.000 km, which in daily life comes down to 00000. The brakes had been turned from drums to discs earlier on. Because they work better and need less maintenance, we kept them.

All technique has been through our hands. The rest of the car is based on a new chassis and has been thoroughly done and renewed, to make it ready for decades to come. So come on, take your responsibility and brighten up the world by driving this ultra sunny 2cv.