€ 19.250,-
Gris Cormoran
38.000 km

2cv6 Spécial

The world is quite big, but this 2cv did not get a lot of it. The transport from the factory in Levallois near Paris to dealer Vonk in Veenendaal was a great adventure.

Then the car kept circling around Veenendaal, where the kilometers did not really add quickly, so the distances were probably only short. We could not figure out who made the rides.

In ’92 the 25,000 km was reached and in ’95 Vonk serviced it, the counter said 34.500 km. In ’98 the 2cv found a new owner in Wolfheze, a short distance away. From that moment on the odometer was almost silent, 37,000 was only supplemented with rides to the MOT. Probably he would have stood there for a long time if the wind and gravity had not intervened.

In a storm at the beginning of this year a large tree fell on the barn, where the barn fell on the car. Dented panels and a bent windshield frame were the result. Time to start a new life, perhaps with more activity.

We were definitely active, because we wanted to get it ready for another 30 years. Despite its good preservation, we have replaced the chassis, the paint, some of the damaged parts and a few other things. The technique was still perfect and was only serviced. But will it have a more active life? We’re curious.

 We deliver it completely roadworthy.