€ 25.000,-
Jaune Mimosa
95.000 km

2cv6 Club

We found this 2cv at a colleague in Spain. We had to have it. Why? Well, the colour of course!

But you can paint any 2cv that color, right? Yes, but if it is its original colour, that just adds something. Even if it was only for our feeling.

Although well preserved, it turned out to have had a hard life. And since we wanted to prepare it for another 40 years, we went all the way. A new galvanized chassis, new floor boards, new wings, roof, interior, you name it.

The engine also got new pistons and cylinders, all brakes were replaced. Well in short, a lot was done. It’s almost new.

But the most important thing is that color! So nice and fresh, sunny and fitting with a 2cv. And then that orange interior as the icing on the cake. Happiness is for sale!