€ 13.500,-
Rouge Vallelunga
168.000 km

2cv6 Club

Bij sommige auto’s heb je de hele historie paraat, bij deze niet. Geen ramp.

Some cars come equipped with a fully detailed history, this one doesn’t. No problem.

Some cars are perfectly restored, this one nearly so. Makes it usable.

Some cars just make sense on every detail, this one not completely. And that’s fine.

But some cars are lovingly restored by someone passionate, like this one. We like that very much.

Some fanciers have dotted almost all the I’s, we will dot the last ones on this car.

Some 2CVs do not need a long introduction. This one is simply good, comfortable, and red.

Solid body, many new parts, galvanized chassis, newAPK, fully serviced, full tank.