€ 13.500,-
Vert Jade
45.000 km

2cv6 Club

For some colors you have more warm feelings than others. Because they’re just beautiful or because you have fond memories with them. I got my second 2cv in a trade deal for some work done on a friends 2cv. It was mint green, a lovely color. I repaired it and changed the chassis, it was only 12 years old back then (compare that to a 2006 car now…).

There it was, a shiny gem. Pity that it had absorbed all of my money, and the wallet of a student doesn’t fill back up that fast. Modestly my mother mentioned that she had fallen in love with the little car, would it be an option to adopt it. Well, of course! She has been driving it ever since, for 24 years now. So, this is how you grow nice memories with a specific 2cv color. 

 I was very pleased to find this 2cv in its beautiful color in 2007, you don’t come across them that often. It had done 27.000km in the Dordogne region since ’81, where the chassis and its exterior had survived very well. The floors, roof and seats hadn’t, so were replaced back then. After this the car had an easy life in the north of Friesland. 

 It’s great when a client thinks of us when he decides to part from his beloved car. With 18.000km extra life experience, but still in great condition, it’s now in our showroom. A very nice 2cv with a modest beauty, like jade is one of the more modest in the shiny world of jewels.