€ 17.500,-
Rouge Vallelunga
114.000 km

2cv6 Club

At September 24 1987 this 2cv rolls of the production belt, at the end of October it leaves the dealer in Haarlem. It was used regularly and did about 6000 kilometers per year. Every year it went to the dealer to get serviced and MOT’d, until in ’93 the chassis doesn’t pass the test, it’s too rusty. That’s an unpleasant surprise for the family, especially when the dealer tells them the warranty has unfortunately just expired… Out of frustration it is parked in the barn and stays there.

In 2003 the family comes to us to discuss a new life for the car. The chassis is so bad you can pull your finger through the bottom without hurting it (the finger..). But the rest of the car is still fine. We decide to fit a new chassis.  For years it is used, summer and winter, and at about the same pace as before. First by mum and dad, with teenagers. Later on by the kids themselves.

The second life starts leaving its (rust)traces and some time ago they decide to hand over the car to us, with a chance on a third life. After we used it ourselves as a wintercar -because it drives so well- it is stored with us.

It got a new galvanised chassis, and several new parts and also a new layer of paint. It turned out really great! Ready for its third life, we did our very best to make it another beautiful one.