€ 11.500,-
Vert Bambou
153.000 km

2cv6 Club

In the 1970s, almost all 2cv’s were brightly colored, remember. Shiny orange, bright yellow or grass green.  Cool!

In the eighties the German and English importers thought; let’s do it again! So a number of action models in Vert Bambou were introduced, such as the Sauss Ente, the Ente Grün and the English Bamboo. All in the same color, each with some different stickers.

Many owners preferred just the appearance of the color, without the sometimes flashy stickers, as did a previous owner of this car. In 2003 it came from Germany to the Netherlands and things cheered up nicely here.

The chassis has been replaced once and is in excellent condition. The floors are also fine, some panels have touched up paint. Technically very fine, it drives great and has just been serviced.

Come on, let yourself go. Make it yours and cheer up your environment (even more) with it.