€ 9.950,-
Rouge Geranium
97.000 km


Almost orange, that red. A great color, nice and fresh and cheerful. Quite rare too, I haven’t seen one in a long time and I pay special attention to it. My Dyane is this color as well, which makes you keen on it.

I have known the car for some time, and the owners as well. It had been in the family since 1996. At first it was enjoyed, but later life and other interests swallowed them. The 2cv kept being appreciated, but on a distance, in a storage.

More than 10 years ago it got a major makeover. A new chassis, floors and a fresh coat of paint. But even after that, the mileage did not increase rapidly.

3000km in 20 years is even possible on foot with a pram. For a 2cv it must be possible to do better. So our task is to find a suitable adventurer for that. Sign In. We are happy to explain the conditions in our showroom.