€ 17.500,-
Vert Palmeraie
72.000 km


In 2002, we bought this 2CV near Albi – at that time it had covered barely 40.000 km. We asked the friendly woman who bought it if she could please contact us, should she ever consider getting rid of it again. To be honest, I never wanted to sell this car in the first place. But with a starting company, you can’t afford to keep everything you like.

It doesn’t get more seventies than this color. Especially combined with the fantastic seat cloth – yes, it was originally there! In France you could choose between brown vinyl or this fabric. In the Netherlands, this type of fabric was automatically done in this color. At the time, 2CVs were produced in different factories for different markets: Levallois, Forest and Vigo, for example. This car was produced in Vigo, Spain, and shows minor differences in its details compared to the French version. Screens and headlights were produced by local suppliers, and the headlight frames were finished in the car’s color, whereas they were grey in France.

This 2CV was treated with care; mostly parked indoors, but did make some trips to France as well. Some technical parts were renewed once, as well as the roof and a slightly damaged rear fender. Other than that, the car kept its original state. Lately it hadn’t been used much, as the owner’s young family took up most of her time. Recently, she decided it was time to let it go. And she called me!

It’s great when people keep their word. We rewarded her with a good price and were more than happy to have this car back. We scrubbed and polished it, and it turned out so beautifully. Again, we are tempted to keep it this time. But the garage is just moving forward, etc…

So, again we’re looking for a friendly new owner who will take good care of it. And of course, preferably with the same deal as last time…