€ 4.500,-
50.000 km


In the seventies, the 2CV was one of the cheapest cars out there; no wonder it was the first car for so many. You could take it on adventures, go camping in France or use it to pick up your first love. All fantastic memories and nostalgic feelings, which many people would love to relive. A lot of our clients do!

Yet some of them also remember how slowly they would go up the bridge in headwind. Or how they would have to abort overtaking a truck, as soon as they passed its cabin. Most of these memories come from a previous 2cv4 owner. The 2cv4 was really cheap, which unfortunately meant sacrificing engine capacity. It disappeared from the brochures in ’78; this car is one of the last ones.

Recently they have become more sought after: they are becoming more scarce, and people do find them quite adorable. They are great for those appreciating slow life. We always enjoy the characteristic, howling sound of the high-revving engine.

This 2cv4 came from France in ’07, originally in a beige color. We assume it was used by an elderly Francaise only to drive around the church every now and then, judging from its low mileage. A following owner changed the beige color into burgundy. Not fully perfectly, as this layer is now coming off in quite a few spots. Apart from one ugly spot near the tail lights, this car is very solid, and so is the chassis. The engine has been overhauled a few years ago, other technology has been well maintained: it’s ready to take you on a drive.

Will you keep it as is, will you paint flowers on it, or would you rather use it as a base for a well-organized restoration? Anything is possible with this one.