€ 9.950,-
Bleu Lagune
114.000 km


It is probably because I am from the 1970s myself and I saw them on the streets in these colors and designs in my youth, but I always like the seventies 2cvs the most.

The earliest still had basic details, such as the simple door locks, the roof closing from the outside and smooth suspension. Later, an attempt was made to modernize them, with square headlamps, even less trim and more real-car details such as telescopic shock absorbers and safety locks. 

But I especially love the colors, they’re so appealing. Bright yellow, orange, grass green or – like this – lagoon blue.

From ’70 to ’78 you could choose between a 2cv4 and a 2cv6. If you wanted it to be really basic, you chose a very simple version of the 2cv4. This is one, with a nice howling, high-revving engine. They broke down earlier than the 2cv6s, because they had no external oil filter and usually had to work hard. As a result, they are now quite rare which makes them even more fun.

It celebrated the first part of its existence in departement Maine-et-Loire, somewhere around Angers. We don’t know much about its life, except that it came to the Netherlands in ’08. It was mainly used for local traffic in the middle of Holland but had been in the shed for a while when we found it.

The paint was heavily weathered. With a lot of polishing it has become fresh and shiny again. It has some rust spots here and there, but mainly on the exterior. The chassis and the floors are truly flawless and original. The interior has some rips but is still comfortable. We’ve fitted a new roof in colour, fresh tyres and new wheels (and kept the old ones). It turned out beautifully. Come and admire it!

Such a nicely preserved 2cv4 usually ends up with a real enthusiast who wants to make choices about how details should be tackled, you now still have that chance. As soon as you have fallen completely in love with this baby, we will gladly guide you in your decisions.