2cv AZ

€ 15.000,-
Bleu Weekend
90.000 km

Bought new in 1968 by a mechanic of the Frisian bus company FRAM. He serviced the car regularly and carefully himself. The seats neatly under covers. That’s why the car is so well preserved. Rides were mainly made on Sunday afternoons, with the furthest trips to Stolwijk and Den Helder, as we learned from his son a few years ago. He is also a loyal 2cv driver himself, in the last 2cv his father ever bought new.

In 1973, the car was traded in at dealer Kruisheer in Heerenveen and then sold to a house painter in the same town. In 1979 it was traded in at a garage in Gorredijk, where it was found by a Citroën enthusiast.

This enthusiast was then at the start of his collection and many quests throughout Europe. At that time, classic 2cv’s were also very scarce, the majority had been scrapped. The import of French 2cv’s had not really started yet and original Dutch-deliverd 2cv’s, from the Belgian factory, were slowly becoming appreciated. To preserve them, the Dutch EEEC Club was founded. With this 2cv, the Frisian enthusiast was one of the first to become a member.

He drove it regularly, later it remained in his barn until sometime early this century. Then the 2cv ended up with another customer, for whom we prepared the 2cv technically.

The engine was serviced, a few missing original rims were found and repainted and drive shafts with modern joints were mounted, which made it drive much smoother. Furthermore, it remained completely original, unwelded and in largely original paint.

At the time, this was the regular 2cv model, sold in large numbers. Now they are scarce and certainly in such an original condition as this one. If you don’t find 425cc and 18hp fast enough, know that we can also mount a 533cc tuning set (without it being visible). Ask about the benefits.

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