€ 9.000,-
Vert Embrun
60.000 km

2cv AZ

On the Carte Grise you can read that in 1972 it was in the Creuse department, in 2005 a license plate was issued in the Corrèze. We can only guess for the rest of its history or search for it in the car itself.

We see that a 2cv enthusiast near Brive has done his best to give this 2cv a new life, according to the rules of the art from the end of the last century and with the according availability of parts.

Some liberal choices were made. The most striking is that the color is more cheerful than the gray that you received as standard in ’57. This green only came out in the early 1960s, but it looks very good on it.

After years of storage, we got it going again and drove it. The brakes need to be addressed, the tires are a bit dry and there is still some work to be done to make it run smoothly and reliably again.

We can do that for you, perhaps together with obtaining a Dutch registration. Or you can just get started yourself, it’s pretty straight forward. The choice is yours, the price is based on the car as it is now.