€ 11.000,-
111.000 km


More than 10 years ago one of our customers drove a pink 2cv, only her dogs did not really fit well in it; could we fix her problem? Of course we could; the solution was a 2cv Van, in her favorite color of course.

We built it with modern technology, a 602cc engine and disc brakes, so it would be very low maintenance. And indeed, we haven’t had to do much about it in the last 10 years, it always did the job.

Lately it wasn’t used much, so it could go to a new owner. The technology is still fine, the floors are  still perfect. There are some spots on the outside. You can continue driving, we can tackle the spots for you at an additional cost and spray the parts pink again, or we can use it as the basis for your dream delivery 2cv.

Everything is possible, purple with white dots or super sleek in your new company style; tell us what you would like.

This price is based on the car as it is, including maintenance and new APK.