€ 19.900,-
Bleu Myosotis
114.000 km


On Juli 5 ’77 finally the day was there, this truckette got on the road. Its maiden voyage went from Chinon to St. Nicolas de Bourgueil. From the dealer to the home of the Godefroy family, the new owners. Both places are near where the Loire and the Vienne meet, in the Loire castle area.

Us northerners usually don’t have a long-term relationship with a car, but in France they often do. This 2cv has been in active use by mister and madam Godefroy until ‘12, mainly for weekly trips to the market, the rest of the time was spent in a dry barn. Its 111.000 kilometers were slowly added and are documented in a thick enveloppe full of bills from the local garage. No real heavy repairs,  a depannage because of a broken Neimann -French for ignition lock- was one of the most severe.

The car was eventually found by an appreciated colleague, after the grandson had advertised it on the internet. Though the engine, floors, some body panels and paint show wear, it was still a 2cv that makes you happy. In Holland it finds a new owner, who sells it shortly after to one of our clients. He had been looking for a solid base for his dream truckette; a 250, with 4 seats, 602cc and fit for daily use.

4 years ago we did this project. New floors, all rust removed, modern technique and a fresh layer of paint in the original colour. New seats and further upholstery to the owners taste, an altered rear seat, with seat belts. A very smoothly driving car and a proud possession. Still it has hardly been used, because of circumstances it only did 1200m. That’s the main reason we’re looking for a new owner. Even if the car is only taken tot he market on a weekly basis.