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Price on request 1966 67.000 km

"Garage Simon, Villeneuve sur Lot", tells the sticker on the back of this 2cv. Mr. Simon must have been the local Citroën dealer. He pointed the first owner to the undeniable benefits of a 2cv, which could be further enhanced with the ENAC accessories.

2cv6 Club

8.500,- 1987 130.000 km

Sometimes you just don't know much about a car, just the recent history.


Price on request 1967 90.000 km

We still meet them from time to time, former AZAM6 owners in the sixties and seventies. They always remember that it wasn't just a 2cv, it was such a fast one!

Ami 6 Berline

3.500,- 1962 136.000 km

The model between the 2cv and the DS. Luxurious lines, soft seats, more powerful technology.

2cv AZAM

3.500,- 1964 47.000 km

Where in modern life change and development are the norm, at times it seems wise to stand still. Contemplate on things you take for granted and other philosophical considerations, but also see the beauty of situations that hardly change, or only very slowly.

2cv AZAM

Price on request 1963 54.000 km

After years of simplicity, a more luxurious 2cv entered the market in '63. Europe was gaining economic strength, reflected by the increase of different car models. After the more luxurious Ami from '61, this model was a logical model between that and the regular 2cv. France got the AZAM, Belgium the AZM3 and later the AZAM6, with a stronger engine.

HY Heuliez

Price on request 1969 75.000 km

The construction of this HY is ready, the technology almost. The plan is to fill the open parts on the sides with wooden panels. But maybe you have different ideas, to make it really fit your business plans. So we paused our work on it, until we have discussed it with you.

HY Pickup

18.500,- 1972 98.000 km

Theziers is located near the Rhône, between Avignon and Nimes. Pont du Gard is just around the corner. In 1972, the Avon brothers, living in this village, ordered a new HY pickup for their company. The Carte Grise tells us they were agriculteurs, but not what kind and what the HY was used for. Yet I see images of a yellow sunny landscape, with that characteristic beautiful southern French light in front of me. With a little H-van rolling through it, filled with barrels of delicious wine.

2cv6 Club

Price on request 1987 635 km

We have met people before that had rushed to order a 2cv at the end of the French or Portuguese production. Some where used, others immediately stored, in the attic, a barn or in a showroom. That’s what happened to this car, in this case at Citroën dealer Terlouw in Dalem.

2cv AZAM

12.750,- 1965 72.000 km

Once, a long, long time ago (2001…) an AZAM came from France to Holland. It was really solid, but had some dents and surface rust. The pedal box was the only constructive part that was less good. It found a new owner through us. He took a few years to get it restored to his taste.

Ami 6 Berline

17.500,- 1964 65.000 km

In the sixties, the Loiret area still looked quite peaceful, providing nice landscapes to drive across. In the village of Amilly, near Montargis, lived M. Perronnet. In 1964, he decided to allow himself some comfort and so he bought an Ami 6. Would the name of village have played a role in his choice for this model? I like to think so.


2cv6 Club

3.500,- 1990 158.000 km

Text is time is money, so we keep it short to keep this 2cv affordable ...