For sale Sold

M35 No. 473

Price on request 1971 70.000 km

The very last built M35. | In the 1960s, NSU dreamed of a new type of engine. Citroën followed that dream in 1969. The result was the M35. A coupé model based on the new Ami 8, with a single-disc Wankel engine and Citroën's fantastic hydropneumatic suspension.


Ami 8 Électrique

58.500,- 1972 83.000 km

Of the 2-cylinder models from the 1970s, the Ami 8 in the Club version was the most luxurious. We already made the basic 2cv and Dyane electric, now we went for casual chic.

2cv6 Dolly 89km

Price on request 1989 89 km

We have already had many unique 2cvs through our hands. With beautiful stories, special models or from a faraway country. With almost no kilometers on them, from the last day of French or Portuguese production, or from the very first year of construction. This 2cv brings together 3 unique qualities.

2cvE CCS

75.000,- 1990 92.000 km

Oui, c’est une 2cv Électrique! Completely restored with interior in basic black Targa, painted in seventies Jaune Mimosa.

2cv6 Spécial

19.500,- 1986 60.000 km

France, Spain, Serbia and Holland, this 2cv has had quite a few places to stay. We met it first with 30,000 km on the clock and bought it back with 48,000. Now it has just completed 60,000 and we are happy to have it back to find a new owner for it.


16.500,- 1977 107.000 km

Forget-me-not blue (what a name for a plant…), you don't often see it on a 2cv anymore. So we’re happy when we get this great color in again. It is its original color, the boot lid is witness to it.



9.000,- 1976 136.000 km

A nicely driving van, with modern disc brakes. The chassis is fine, the body too. No restoration or other major jobs required to drive away with it.

HY Philips

10.000,- 1965 146.000 km

If you have a Philips collection, this is the showcase you've been looking for for years. And you can, eventually, also drive your collection around…


9.000,- 1954 102.000 km

Just as the SRV man came to the door here in Holland, M. Massat from Beaurepaire also delivered the groceries. In the interior you can still clearly see how it transported bottles of wine in the fifties and sixties, had shelves and a refrigerator available for your daily food and you could also order flower arrangements at the cash register.

HY Pickup

11.500,- 1968 141.000 km

All the things one can do with this car! Camping, turning it into a market stall, a suitable means of transport for your ... (fill in your hobby, company, etc.). You could also transport horses with it, judging by the text on the back, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Ami 8 Berline

13.750,- 1970 55.000 km

Travelling around in France with the garage I worked at a long time ago, for trade, sometimes on scrapyards, we had to leave those Ami 8 Berlines behind. Boring stuff, not worth the hassle. But secretly I liked them.


11.750,- 1983 122.000 km

It was once used by a lady near Paris to drive to her vegetable garden. Not a very hard life, driving around locally for over thirty years.