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19.500,- 1966 130.000 km

This AZAM6 was found in Liège in the 1990s. Even at that time quite a rare appearance. It was kidnapped and restored to the Netherlands. We don't know exactly in what condition it was, but at least it got new floorboards and some other parts.

2cv AZ

15.000,- 1967 52.000 km

2cvs weren't made for eternity. The low price gave no room for high-quality materials and Citroën's business model involved it was high time for replacement after about 8 years. Our climate and little maintenance added to it, the result is that there are not many really old 2cvs left.


Dyane 400

13.000 1980 53.000 km

The successor to the AK 400 was called Dyane 400 in Spain. The rest of Europe called it Acadiane. The body was similar to that of the AK 400, but the chassis was a bit longer to fit the nose of a Dyane. The advantage of this was that you had a lot more space behind the wheel. The streamline was better as well and it had a little more power, so you could actually overtake trucks!



10.000,- 1969 92.000 km

Found in the Lot department, in the town of Figeac. In 2004 it got a Control Technique, since 2005 it has been standing still.


9.000,- 1965 85.000 km

This HY was brought from France a few years ago. It came from the vicinity of Clermont-Ferrand and had been standing still for some time.

2cv6 Spécial

20.500,- 1986 60.000 km

France, Spain, Serbia and Holland, this 2cv has had quite a few places to stay. We met it first with 30,000 km on the clock and bought it back with 48,000. Now it has just completed 60,000 and we are happy to have it back to find a new owner for it.

2cv6 Spécial

27.950,- 1986 80.000 km

This 2cv started its life in the North of Holland, where it added 62,000 km to its counter in the first 5 years of its life. In '96 it left for the island of Texel, where it was rarely used and was stored in the shed for the last 20 years.

2cv6 Spécial

23.950,- 1985 39.000 km

We sold this 2cv once before in 2009. At that time it had driven 23,000 km. It has had two owners, both of whom took good care of the car in their own way.


H Démenagements

9.500,- 1950 48.000 km

In ’48 the first H came on the road, later it developed into HY. The bus could be converted in many different ways and adapted to your business needs.


HY Pickup

13.000,- 1971 121.000 km

This H-van came on the road in ’71 and has been driven around in the Vaucluse. A wonderfully warm and dry region, with a lot of viticulture. Judging by a sticker on the back, it was technically inspected in the village of Isle sur Sorgue, his home must have been near.

HY Igloo

12.000,- 1972 69.000 km

The HY was conceived in a very modular way. With a fairly spacious interior and straight angles, it has a lot of volume in it and you can easily fit any interior. It was also quite easily extended and raised by various coachbuilders.


Ami 6 Berline

19.950,- 1969 106.000 km

Sometimes one has to look in other than usual places to find cars. Like this Ami 6, which we found in Serbia a few years ago. We bought it in Novi Sad from the second owner.