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23.000,- 1978 99.000 km

As a Mehari you can be born and raised in Belgium. You grow up, start becoming quite a guy and get more and more curious about what the rest of the world has to offer. Being an adventurer you get drawn south. On tour to France, Spain -and in the end- Ibiza. You have a fun life there.

2cv6 Club

9.500,- 1989 133.000 km

New arrival, soon more info.

2cv6 Spécial

19.500,- 1986 29.000 km

In ’86 this 2cv found a home with Mrs. de Greve from Duffel, between Antwerp and Mechelen. The car was stored nice and warm and was well cared for.

Dyane 6

4.950,- 1980 137.000 km

Join the happy people's club, buy a fun classic! One of which you can open the roof, which is easy to maintain and where you cheer up the people around you.


AK 400

4.250,- 1975 157.000 km

2cv vans are often heavily used, this one too. It needs a lot of work, but it is certainly worth it.



6.750,- 1963 95.000 km

Denis Pradal bought this 2cv in '63. For private use, but also for business. The accompanying brochure told him the advantages of this 2cv Mixte. Due to its larger tailgate, folding rear seat and flat loading floor, it was well suited as a commercial vehicle. But also for the family weekends, even with the roof open. 

2cv6 Spécial

8.950,- 1981 47.000 km

In 2011 it came to the Netherlands from the Aveyron. In good condition, with some signs of wear and some adjustments from the previous French owner.


5.500,- 1967 90.000 km

We still meet them from time to time, former AZAM6 owners in the sixties and seventies. They always remember that it wasn't just a 2cv, it was such a fast one!


12.950,- 1976 57.000 km

We can’t find all the cars ourselves of course, we have a network for that. Sometimes fellow traders, often friends, or scouts, local and abroad.


Ami 8 Berline

13.500,- 1969 47.000 km

In 1969 the Ami 6 was succeeded by the Ami 8. The first cars were delivered in April, the brochure was already published in February. In this, and in most other promotional material, the Ami 8 Berline appeared in a beautiful color yellow.


Ami 6 Break

7.950,- 1967 163.000 km

Made in Belgium, enjoyed in the Netherlands. This often applies to beer, but in the past also to Citroëns. Like this Ami.


11.000,- 1978 111.000 km

More than 10 years ago one of our customers drove a pink 2cv, only her dogs did not really fit well in it; could we fix her problem? Of course we could; the solution was a 2cv Van, in her favorite color of course.