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2cv6 Spécial

Price on request 1987 75 km

When it became clear in 1987 that production of the 2cv in France was going to stop, Citroën Netherlands decided to stop delivery as well. They were still available in surrounding countries, these were built in the Portuguese factory.

2cv6 Club

25.000,- 1981 95.000 km

We found this 2cv at a colleague in Spain. We had to have it. Why? Well, the colour of course!


13.950,- 1976 58.000 km

We can’t find all the cars ourselves of course, we have a network for that. Sometimes fellow traders, often friends, or scouts, local and abroad.



5.000,- 1966 114.000 km

The last inspection certificate is dated '85, when Hilde was still driving it through Antwerp. Presumably it was then put away because the rust took its toll.



9.950,- 1987 86.000 km

Net binnen, binnenkort meer info.



13.750,- 1979 96.000 km

In 2015, this Mehari came in from Spain. The Spanish models differ from the French in details. For example, they‘ve kept the old type of windscreen frame with the round window, where they used a rectangular window in France. The hood is also different, it had an angle in the rear, the French one was straight.


Dyane 6

9.950,- 1978 76.000 km

Garage Boots in Alkmaar, aan de Vondelstraat. Ik fietste er regelmatig heen, met mijn vriendje, om er folders te scoren. Dat deden we bij alle dealers in Alkmaar. Vaak was het ver fietsen naar het industrieterrein, soms waren het wat oudere bedrijven, dichter bij de stad. Soms kreeg je ze zo mee, vaak moest je binnensluipen, ze uit het rek grissen en rennen voor je leven. 

2cv A

6.500,- 1953 121.000 km

On February 6, 1954, Automóveis Citroën, the dealer in Lisbon, delivered a Citroën 2cv A to Direcçao Geral dos Serviços Pecuários. This government service was located in a beautiful building at Rua Vitor Cordon 4, it still exists, check it out on Streetview.


Dyane 6 400

6.500,- 1979 72.000 km

Deze Dyane 6 400, hier ook wel bekend als Acadiane, kochten we recent. Net geïmporteerd uit Spanje. Bij bedrijfswagens staat vaak/altijd de bedrijfsnaam op de auto. Zo ook hier, prominent op de deur. Maar de naam kwam me zo bekend voor…


2cv6 Spécial

7.950,- 1990 164.000 km

Black 2cvs, like black swans, are quite rare. A number of them were delivered via the importer in the Netherlands, but most are of Belgian origin.

Dyane D6

9.950,- 1968 106.000 km

We didn’t come across them for years, but this year it's bingo. We found a nice Dyane D6 once again

2cv AZ

NTB 1961 89.000 km

New arrival, soon more info.