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2cv6 Spécial

13.950,- 1982 54.000 km

In 2011, this 2cv came from France. We found her near Dignes les Bains, Department 04, Alpes de Haut Provence.


Ami 6 Break

3.250,- 1967 175.000 km km

Chassis in excellent condition, body also pretty good, panel largely handpainted, some rust here and there, nice interior, technical work required. Far from perfect, yet it captivated me with its charm.


Mehari 4x4

Price on request 1980 110.000 km km

Soon more info.

AK 350 hoog

NTB 1968 73.000 km km

Soon more info.

AK 400

NTB 1975 124.000 km km

New arrival, soon more info.

Ami 6 Berline

22.950,- 1969 106.000 km

Sometimes one has to look in other than usual places to find cars. Like this Ami 6, which we found in Serbia a few years ago. We bought it in Novi Sad from the second owner.

2cv6 Spécial

10.950,- 1986 146.000 km

Chassis in good nick, technically fine, fresh color, contrast roof, import Belgium.


19.500,- 1966 130.000 km

This AZAM6 was found in Liège in the 1990s. Even at that time quite a rare appearance. It was kidnapped and restored to the Netherlands. We don't know exactly in what condition it was, but at least it got new floorboards and some other parts.


15.000,- 1961 54.000 km

In the 1950s and 1960s 2cvs for the Benelux were made in the Belgian city of Forest. These models, sometimes adapted to local requirements, were also sold in other European countries and the US. These markets were apparently slightly more demanding than the French, as there was a wider choice of models and colors.

Ami 6 Berline

16.500,- 1961 102.000 km

In ’61 the Ami 6 was introduced, a more luxurious model between the 2cv and the DS. Fitted with a chassis with the same simple yet brilliant design as the 2cv, now with a larger 602cc engine.


12.500,- 1965 72.000 km

AWESOME, are you familiar with that expression…? Let's turn that into AZAM, a more beautiful and softer sounding, more appropriate name for euphoria and also the name of this luxury type 2cv.



13.950,- 1976 58.000 km

We can’t find all the cars ourselves of course, we have a network for that. Sometimes fellow traders, often friends, or scouts, local and abroad.