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2cv 4x4 Sahara

Price on request 1962 105.000 km

De 2cv 4x4 Sahara werd ooit ontwikkeld voor gebruik in lastig toegankelijke gebieden in Frankrijk en zijn koloniën. Ook in de bergen en in de sneeuw waren ze goed bruikbaar. Dat vond de heer Zuidema ook en in ’62 bestelde hij er een.

2cv6 Club

5.500,- 1986 148.000 km

We hebben ze in alle soorten en maten. Van oud tot nieuw, van glimmend tot roestig en van gloednieuw tot project. Dit is een eendje met van alles in zich; een goed chassis, prima techniek, glimmende bodemplaten en een flink verweerd uiterlijk.


15.500,- 1978 74.000 km

Een bedrijfswagen in hart en nieren. De afgelopen 10 jaar voor het bedrijf van een onze gewaardeerde klanten, daarvoor even voor wat lichte vracht bij een bekende van ons. Maar in Frankrijk verrichtte hij het echte werk. Wijnflessen sjouwen op een chateau!

Dyane 6

11.750,- 1973 75.000 km

In 2014 we found this Dyane, here in the Netherlands, at the second owner!! It was purchased in '74 with only 16,000 km on the clock and then used for commuting. After the job was terminated, the Dyane disappeared into a garage and was only used occasionally, it had done just under 75,000 km.


15.500,- 1969 69.000 km

The 2cv van was first simply built on the slightly shortened chassis of a 2cv, so the load capacity was not great. With the introduction of the Ami 6, a sturdier chassis with a more powerful engine became available. An ideal basis for a larger van. The AK was born.

2cv AZ

15.000,- 1968 90.000 km

Bought new in 1968 by a mechanic of the Frisian bus company FRAM. He serviced the car regularly and carefully himself. The seats neatly under covers. That's why the car is so well preserved. Rides were mainly made on Sunday afternoons, with the furthest trips to Stolwijk and Den Helder, as we learned from his son a few years ago. He is also a loyal 2cv driver himself, in the last 2cv his father ever bought new.


22.750,- 1967 67.000 km

In the 1960s, the 2cv had already been modernised from 12 to 18 hp, still a relatively small improvement. The Belgian factory therefore developed a more powerful and luxurious model for the Benelux, the AZAM 6. A 2cv on the chassis and with the technical componentes of the faster Ami 6 with 602cc engine, instead of the usual 425cc.


Traction Avant 7C

10.750,- 1939

In 1934, the Traction Avant came on the market. State-of-the-art, with front-wheel drive and a self-supporting body. Developed in just 18 months! Which unfortunately resulted in the bankruptcy of Citroën, but fortunately the company could continue with help from Michelin.


14.500,- 1963 101.000 km

Montcléra, in the Lot department, is probably still as sparsely populated as it was in 1963. Still, Mrs. Astorc ran a grocery store where motorised transport was welcome, probably to deliver groceries or collect local products from the area.


9.000,- 1990 69.000 km

With 8 million copies, the R4 has beaten the 2cv in production numbers. In other areas they have also competed with each other since 1961, where the prices are divided between both camps. Anyway, we like the R4 too!


2cv6 Club

12.750,- 1987

Sky blue, that's how you could translate this colour name. We think it's a nice combination of cheerful modern and soft classic. It radiates modestly, on all the curves of this cute duck.

2cv6 Club

18.500,- 1987 139.000 km

Back on the nest; this fantastic 2cv. In maintenance with us for almost 20 years, in the hands of 1 family for a very long time.